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Monday, January 27, 2014

I Wish You Good Fortune

In the book we've been enjoying, The Cricket in Times Square, the boy Mario visits Chinatown and gets offered a fortune cookie. His fortune reads: Good Luck is Coming Your Way. Be Ready. And, indeed, good luck does come his way, in the form of a musical cricket!

Today we tried our hand at writing fortunes. I found a picture book by Grace Lin called Fortune Cookie Fortunes. This book gives lots of great examples AND a brief history of the fortune cookie (perhaps the first true Asian American food, invented in the early 1900's).

Then - brave souls that we are - we tried our hands at making this sweet cookie. It is a very simple recipe but the rolling of the hot cookie is tricky! They all came out great, though, and we enjoyed them for afternoon snack. I handed the cookies out randomly, and no one got their own fortune. All agreed they made a lovely and sweet treat, and enjoyed reading the fortune meant just for them.

We are ready for good luck, and hope you are too!

Here are the steps:

Write some good fortunes. 
Make the dough - egg whites, powdered sugar, flour, and butter

Roll them when they get out of the oven - a wooden spoon holds their shape.

Wash, rinse, and dry the dishes.
Read your fortune.

Enjoy the delicious cookie!

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