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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tribes Activity - Venn Diagrams

During a recent Tribes session, we did not meet in our usual tribal "families". Rather, I put everyone in groups of three (me, included). Each trio was given an empty Venn diagram, and were instructed how to fill it in. In this way, we found things that were unique to us, and things we shared with one or both members of our group. Although I was busy in my own group, I overheard a lot of great conversations as children talked about physical traits, hobbies, trips, and favorite things.

I tried to put children in a group that expanded their normal friendships. The goal was to find commonalities with people that may surprise us. After diagramming for a while, we met in whole group to share our findings. Olivia seemed pleased and very surprised that she and Antony shared a love of the color pink. Another child mentioned that they had no idea that Chloe really loved science and that Mark was very fond of bunnies.

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