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Monday, September 16, 2013

Exploring Like Lewis and Clark

Today we learned more about Lewis and Clark. We reviewed what we've read about so far, and the students seem clear on several things - that the expedition happened over 200 years ago, when our country was still very young, and that Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president, wanted them to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean. We also remembered that part of their assignment was to do mapping and to find samples of various animals, minerals, and vegetation.

Each child received two important exploration tools this afternoon. We each got our own pair of binoculars AND our own plant collection book. After putting our names (and perhaps a little decoration) on each, we were off to explore and collect plant and flower parts. The little books will be placed under a heavy box for a couple weeks, and then we should have a nice collection of beautiful dried leaves, stems, and wild flowers.

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