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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Farm to Table/Spring

Over the next several weeks, our thematic work will turn to thoughts of growing things and Spring. Although there is snow (!) dusting the ground this morning, it will soon be time to plant good things in the ground and patiently tend and wait for harvest.

This week we planted some seeds in our homemade (recycled from toilet paper tubes) "origami pots". In true circle-of-life nature, we also finally reaped the rewards of our worm bin. All year we have been feeding our worms a delicious diet of watermelon rinds, apple cores, and banana peels. They, in turn, did their job and ate and pooped. The result is a lot of rich and wonderful worm castings that are the miracle ingredients in any good garden.

We planted radish seeds and arugula seeds. Later we will research the best bee-loving plants and plant those as well. I was hoping to have the Ann Arbor Seed Company come and talk about the importance of seed saving, but - alas - the co-owner was way too busy. I'd still suggest you check out this brand-new local company that is doing great things. You can buy their seeds at the Ann Arbor Farmer Market (and other places, I'm sure).

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Odie Langley said...

Sorry for my absence from commenting but I have been looking and enjoying the children's learning experiences. This project will be so wonderful for them. I planted two varieties of peppers last spring and enjoyed them all through the summer. Can't wait to try it again this year. I share your adventures with lots of my friends and I am sure they are equally amazed at the education your children are receiving. Good job Susan.
Odie in NC