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Friday, April 12, 2013

EBs Start Today!

Today was our first session of the Spring round of Exploratory Block classes. Children were excited to join different groups to enjoy Oodles of Doodles (a sketching class with Elaine), Cardboard Cities (a building class with Sam and Val), or A Perfect Pair (a culture/music and cooking class with me).

In our EB, we started with a story about a trip to Mexico. Then we made two huge batches of salsa - with Jalapeno and without. Children thought they were both delicious, and both CALIENTE! Of course, we cooked and ate while listening to wonderful mariachi music. We all agreed it is nearly impossible to listen to that music and be in a sad mood - such happy sounding tunes!

Each participant got a cup of salsa to take home to enjoy. Next week, we will continue our tasty travels.

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