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Saturday, March 23, 2013

First Workshop of Poetry Slam Series - Wordworks!

Thanks to two S-K parents, Christine Hume and Amy Kulper, the first and second graders are participating in a three-part poetry series from now through the month of April (National Poetry Month). Yesterday, three members of Wordworks came to visit. Wordworks is a collective of collegiate poets and performers from across the state of Michigan. First we were treated to a poetry performance (kind of like a mini-slam) which even included a little beatboxing.

Tony Zick, Carlina Duan, and Ben Alfaro each took turns reading some of their own poetry and poetry written by others (including other children). Themes included using our five senses, writing about something you love, and metaphors.

Then students got busy starting their own poems, inspired by a poem "Underneath" by Jeff Kass. Jeff will be here himself at our next event, April 11th. Very exciting!

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