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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wonderful Book Series

Today was Special Reader Day, a day looked forward to every week. Ella and Leo came in with two delightful and very different books to read.

Ella read a charming and funny picture book called But Excuse Me That is My Book, a book in the Charlie and Lola series. I first learned of Charlie and Lola in 2000, when the book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato came out. This was such a success that several books followed, and since then an animated series on television. If you've never read a Charlie and Lola book, we highly recommend them. You can find a list of Charlie and Lola books by clicking HERE.

Leo read a completely different type of book. He chose to read a Choose Your Own Adventure book, called The Mystery of Chimney Rock.  This was a scary adventure story that allowed us to choose which way we wanted the story to go - one way leading to safety, the other way to certain disaster. There are many of these types of stories (which you can find by clicking HERE) and you purchase them anywhere from eBay to Amazon.com. Several of the children were really enchanted by this book, and I could see them get totally drawn in. Talk about an easy way to get a rather reluctant reader hooked!

Other series we've been introduced to this year by our special readers include Horrid Henry, a delightful group of books by british author Francesca Simon. These come in both chapter book and early reader form. We love these books, especially when read by our own Pearl. Horrid Henry also has a great website for kids to peruse, and you can access it by clicking HERE.

The Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems have been brought in by several children, and are ALWAYS a hit. Samantha introduced me to these special stories last year, and I've ended up buying them for my great nephews. I love them, and they are so perfect for new readers or any type of reader. They are very smart and funny.

It has been such fun listening to the children read, and being introduced to these great books, as well as many, many others. If you need suggestions for reading material, look no further!

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Odie Langley said...

It is exciting to know that so much is being done to have books like this available to this generation to keep them loving to read.