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Friday, December 14, 2012

Update - Birdie Bake Sale

Our annual "Bake Sale for the Birdies" was a huge success. We raised about $90.00. This is enough to sponsor a raptor at the Leslie Science and Nature Center for a full year. We will use the additional funds to make a contribution to The Bird Center.

This afternoon, the children and I selected a raptor to sponsor. There were quite a few choices, but it soon became evident that it would be a close race between the barn owl, the saw whet owl, and the turkey vulture. (Well, actually, it was a close call between the barn owl and the saw whet...the turkey vulture had only two votes.)

I am proud to announce that the beautiful barn owl will be sponsored by our 1st and 2nd grade class. We hope to visit this lovely creature in the spring. In the meantime, we can be happy knowing that it will be well-fed and taken care of for the next 12 months, thanks to our hard work and the generosity of the Summers-Knoll community.

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