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Monday, November 19, 2012

Eyes of the Dragon - and our first Readers Theater of the Year

Readers Theater is one form of drama, and it is very effective in building reading fluency. It boosts listening skills, speaking skills, enhances confidence, and transforms reluctant readers into book lovers. The books come alive.

Today I read this ancient Chinese tale about a painter who is hired to paint a dragon on a village gate. He refuses, however, to paint the eyes. Finally, he is convinced to do so, with horrible results. Quite shivery. 

Then I offered scripts to those children who wanted to be part of readers theater (some preferred to be the audience, which is an important role too). It took us a while to get through the entire scene as the language is quite challenging - but I felt it went really well for the first trial.

We will revisit the script on a future date, and hope to perform it for our kindergarten buddies soon.

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