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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Mini Science Lesson Taught by Pearl

Pearl recently took a trip to Chicago, and visited the science museum while there. She brought back an activity for us to do, to learn more about ultraviolet waves. Each child got 10 plastic UV beads and a cord on which to string them. These beads contain a chemical which changes color when exposed to UV radiation.

Pearl had a special UV flashlight, and was able to "charge up" our beads. We were surprised and delighted to see all the beautiful colors that appeared! Of course, our bracelets and necklaces also changed color in the sunshine - but the flashlight was useful inside on a cloudy day.

We also each got a thin plastic sheet. After spreading sunblock on the sheet, we tried to make the beads change color again. This time, because of the sunblock, the beads stayed white.

Thank you to Pearl and her family for providing a great science lesson!

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Odie Langley said...

A wonderful experiment and what a great gift for the children to enjoy.