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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Special Readers for October

Special Readers has gone very well so far. We've heard from several students thus far, and I know the experience has been positive.

Why is oral reading such a valuable activity?

It enhances fluency. If children are to become fluent readers, they need practice. Preparing to read a story aloud with expression provides students with time and means to recognize words automatically and to read with a high percentage of accuracy.

It strengthens comprehension. When children use techniques for expressive oral reading, their comprehension of what they are reading dramatically increases. By practicing a text, students will become more familiar with its words, sentence patterns and structure - and that leads to discoveries about the meaning.

Other important reading skills are developed as well, like grammar, memory, attention and sequencing. Reading well takes time, focus and attention. Beginning readers become more confident because repeated practice improves their accuracy and word recognition skills.

Lastly, we learn to be an attentive and polite audience.

Remember, if it your child's turn, please help them select an appropriate book. Picture books with humor are usually the ones that get the most appreciative response. Here is the schedule for October. Mark your calendars!

October 4 - Eleanor and Olivia

October 11 - Pearl and Mark

October 18 - Antony and Ava

October 25 - Andrew and Kai

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