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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Listen with our Hearts

Today was the first Special Reader time of the year! I chose two children who were with me last year, so they could be great examples to those who may be new. Both of these children happen to be excellent readers, and had obviously practiced at home. However, you may be wondering what happens if your child is not yet a "real" reader. This is where "listening with your hearts" comes into play.

Your child can choose a challenging book and really practice it OR they can pick a book with just a word or two on each page and memorize it. ALSO, they can "read the pictures" - in other words, just the story as they see in on the pages. In whatever way the book is shared, it will be respected. The children in the audience will not interrupt or point out that the words aren't being read - as this would not be listening with a kind and accepting heart.

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amapp said...

Special reader gave Eli so much confidence as he was starting to read and I love the focus on 'listen with our hearts' - such a wonderful life lesson.