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Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Chapter Book

I read all sorts of books aloud during the day. I often read picture books as a way to introduce a topic, to point out something we can use in our writing, or for pure enjoyment. I read poetry books to allow our ears to notice and enjoy the beautiful language and to prepare us for writing our own poems.  I read informational books when we are doing research about a particular topic, or if a question pops up that needs answering. I also usually have a chapter book going. This is often our most anticipated part of day - the children can relax on their pillows and let the words wash over them. Picture books are lovely, but it is also important for us to use our own imaginations to conjure up images.

This first chapter book, which we just finished on Friday, was a hit. I picked it for multiple reasons - it is tied to our theme, a great example of a particular type/genre of book (tall tale), and short and funny enough to hold everyone's interest. It is called McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm. The children enjoyed it SO much that I will be ordering the next McBroom book, and am now considering having Sid Fleischman as our author during Author Study month.

Ask your child if they can remember all of Josh McBroom's eleven children: "WillJillHesterChesterPeterPollyTimTomMaryLarryand LittleClarinda!"

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Sarah Kingham said...

I was in class last week when you were reading. The kids were riveted by your reading - no one was focused anywhere but on your lyrical voice. I love the way you let them ask questions and touch the book and the way you let the book start a conversation. You are a marvelous reader!