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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pebbles for Morning Meditation

Today the children finished sewing their fabric pouches. Each one is unique and beautiful. Some are very simple, and some have flowers and buttons added. After each child finished their pouch, they were invited to select 5 smooth stones from the big bag of stones supplied by Juna's parents. They will keep their special stones in their pouches and use them when we do a pebble meditation.

If you are interested in what a pebble mediation is, simply click HERE.  This will take you to a YouTube video with the grown up version of what we have been doing. You can try it at home, if you like.

We are finding this a wonderful way to gently enter our day. This morning, Gabrielle (Ariana's mom) joined us, as well as our U of M volunteer, Jeri. Jeri was amazed at the increased focus the children had in math immediately after our meditation. As I said to her, it's a little like magic.

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