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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun Friday Project Coming Up!

The children are enjoying listening to me read The Borrowers. We've already done one Readers Theater activity that goes along with the book, and have done a imaginative drawing project described in a previous blog post. It is really fun to imagine how the tiny Borrowers (just a few inches tall) would repurpose various "tools" found around a house. Christine and Amy (parents of Ella and Juna) came in yesterday to get us started on a future writing project (imagining found objects from the perspective of both a Borrower and the BFG), and I'll be posting about the results of that very soon.

This coming Friday, I will share my newly acquired collection of cigar boxes with the students. As you may know, the heroine of The Borrowers, Arrietty, uses a furnished cigar box as her bedroom. We will be decorating and furnishing our cigar boxes to be different rooms of a whole Borrower house or small village.

We can really use some materials, "borrowed" from your house! Please assist your child in looking around to see what materials can be repurposed. With your permission, we could use the following:

empty thread spools, fibers from a rug, straw from a broom, postage stamps (for pictures), tiny samples of wall paper and or carpet squares, small pieces of fabric, curtain tassels, old chess pieces, shells, thimbles, toothpicks, cotton balls, colorful pages from magazines, match boxes (for beds or dressers),  etc. 

Let imaginations soar!

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Odie Langley said...

I have always loved that book and enjoyed the movie even more. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished cigar boxes.