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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Migratory Animal Presentations - Part 2

We finished our presentations yesterday. Again, I was amazed at what the children knew AND the variety of ways they demonstrated their creativity. Several students remarked that this was very fun, and wanted to do a similar project again. This, to me, is the best feedback I could have received.

Here are our presenters from yesterday:

Samantha's report was about the Bottle Nose Dolphin, one of her favorites.
Her creative project was a diorama - and the dolphin actually moved!

Ben was so excited to share what he learned about Humpback Whale.
His handcrafted project was a hit as he could make the whale shoot water!

Juna learned all about the Robin - our state bird.
She had several creative parts - one of which was the robin yoga pose.

Leo researched the massive and impressive Bull Shark.
He was the game emcee in a "quiz bowl" type activity.

Clementine learned all about the African Elephant.
After reading her great report, she showed us the elephant she made of clay.

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Odie Langley said...

More wonderful demonstrations of their abilities and they were all great. Thanks for sharing.