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Monday, February 27, 2012

Migratory Animal Presentations - Part 1

This morning, we had time to hear from 7 of our classmates. We will try to get through a couple more this afternoon, and will be all finished by tomorrow afternoon. So far, the presentations have been most enjoyable and informative!

Eli started us off with his presentation of the Hammerhead Shark.
The creative part of his project was a model of a shark - using a real hammer!

Ella went next. She did a terrific report on the Gray Whale.
Her creative part was a colorful and detailed diorama.

Elliot chose to research the Great White Shark.
He also demonstrated his creativity by doing a super diorama.

Maddy's researched the beautiful Monarch Butterfly.
She made a lovely mobile that she donated to our classroom.

Owen chose one of his favorite animals - the chinstrap penguin.
He cracked everyone up with his very funny comic book.

Oliver chose to research and write about the toad.
He made sock puppets and wrote a wonderfully silly play.

Ariana wrote a report about the Beluga Whale.
Her creative project was a gorgeous oil pastel work of art.


Jordan Miller said...

It's so lovely how they each created such unique projects. The results are so amazing when you let kids be themselves and celebrate them. Sock puppets and comic books and mobiles. So very cool.

Odie Langley said...

I am so proud of their creativity and enthusiasm. I like making the pictures larger to see more detail.