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Friday, February 3, 2012

Learning in the Community

Field trips out into our community are a big part of our curriculum. Ann Arbor is full of fascinating places to go, and wonderful things to do - so field trips are often right in our own little town. The University of Michigan alone is rife with learning possibilities!

Amy, Ella's mom, arranged for us to go the map room in the Stephen S. Clark Library at the University of Michigan. Tim, one of the librarians there, patiently answered all of our questions as he showed us many maps of people and animal migratory patterns. I am hoping the children got some ideas about a project they will be completely over the next several weeks (details soon!).

Many, many thanks to Amy for arranging this trip, scouting parking choices (always a challenge in Ann Arbor), and helping to maneuver 12 children through the streets of downtown. Also, thanks to Lynne, Owen's mom, for meeting us and showing us where she works (nice view!).

Our kids are SO lucky.

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Odie Langley said...

I think it is awesome that they are learning about migrations. Some birds travel thousands of miles and it amazes me how they know where to go.