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Friday, December 9, 2011

Human Body Writers Workshop

This morning, Juna's mom Christine arrived with two of her students - Nathan and Elizabeth - to lead a writers workshop with us. First we introduced ourselves and said what our favorite body part was. Then we were challenged to make up a first name for our body part and learned about alliteration (like Fiona Foot). Partners traced each other's bodies, and we labeled the body part we named.

Then students were asked to write a silly or serious story about their body part.

Owen's story got the best applause, as it was 1) silly and 2) "inappropriate". But if you don't mind 2nd grade humor, I thought I would share it with you:

Edi Epidermis V.S. The Fart Power

Edi Epidermis had just defeated Dr. Poop. Meanwhile, the Fart dr. was making a plan to get rid of Ann Arbor. Then Edi came. He took out some air freshener and sprayed it on the Fart Power. The end.

Many thanks to Christine and her students for volunteering their time and efforts!

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