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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reading with our "K-Buddies"

Kindergarten Buddy Time is looked forward to with great anticipation in our classroom. We've done a variety of projects with them during our hour together each Thursday afternoon. We've collected leaves, made leaf placemats, played in the woods, and done crafts. Today, however, everyone was in the mood for some simple reading time.

The part I love the best is seeing my children stepping up and being "the big kids". They love it, and demonstrate a huge amount of pride in being able to read to littler ones. They are sure to select books they really enjoy, or perhaps have heard so many times they can tell it by heart. Often, they will practice during the morning, just to ensure a good performance later on.

As a side note, I make sure that the children know I practice too. For instance, today I asked Juna and Ella if I could practice reading a book to them that I am planning to read to my EB group next week. I told them that I usually practice reading a new picture book once or twice with my son Ray, but I thought perhaps they would allow me to practice with them. I stumbled once or twice, but they both thought that I would be okay by next week.

Here are just a few pictures of some sweet readers:

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