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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Examples of "I Am" Poems

We started our theme of poetry this morning. I told the class that I was a bit worried because we had two important things to do - write our first poem and reply to the pen pal letters we just received. Then I had a grand idea! Stanley immediately guessed it - we could write a poem TO our pen pals! Problem solved.

The first poems we will write will all be autobiographical in nature. There are many examples, but our first attempt of an autobiographical poem is called an "I Am" poem. This actually fits our double purpose perfectly, as it is a way to let our pen pal know just a bit more about us.

Here are two that were done today. I'm guessing the child's family will guess their identities!

I am awesome and popular
I wonder how things were made
I hear peace music
I see my dead cat
I want my dead cat back
I am awesome and popular

I pretend I am the smartest person
I feel my mom
I touch Indie
I worry about Indie when she is sick
I cry about sad movies
I am awesome and popular

I understand sad things
I say I love you
I dream about adventures
I try to be nice
I hope to have peace
I am awesome and popular

That one was pretty easy to guess, wasn't it? How about this one:

I am awesome and artsy
I wonder why humans were invented
I hear the sea waves in the summer
I see nature
I want nature to have peace
I am awesome and artsy

I pretend that I have invisible friends
I feel for doors to other worlds
I touch all that I need to
I worry if my grandpa will live
I cry about my grandma
I am awesome and artsy

I understand why books were invented
I say what I feel I should
I dream about being in a book
I try to be a good person
I hope that people will stop eating meat
I am awesome and artsy

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Fran Loosen said...

Just burst my heart right open, Susan!