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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Onomatopoeia Poems

We are continuing our study of poets and their poetry, poetic devices, and types of poems. Yesterday, we sat in a circle and I led the children in a sound making experience using our bodies - first we rubbed our hands together slowly, then faster. I then started clicking my fingers slowly, and then faster. Finally we started stomping our feet and patting our legs loudly. I asked what the sounds reminded the students of, and after a few good guesses, Maddy said, "Rain!" We described a storm without any words!

The children then told me made-up words to describe each motion, like shoo shoo shoo for the rubbing of our hands (or drizzling rain). After I wrote all their words on the board, I read it back and it was a POEM! We named it, "The Sounds of a Storm".

Today we continued with this theme and brainstormed a bunch of onomatopoeia words for animals, food, weather, mechanical, fast motion, fighting and musical. Before long, we had a blackboard full words like Zip, Tweet, Yip and Honk! From these words, I encouraged all to write a poem, rhyming or non-rhyming, using some onomatopoeia. 

Here is Owen's poem for your enjoyment:



A kick missed my face and

Crash! Lighting strikes, almost hitting me

And then

Slam! Pow! Kaboom! Bam!



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Karen Godwin said...

Totally explains Oliver's reaction to the word "GRMPTH"(?) as we read the Phantom Tollbooth tonight. He sat up in bed and said "Mom - that's Onomatopoeia" and promptly explained to me what that meant and why someone might make that sound. I was blown away...yet again. I love the moments when he is teaching me. :-)