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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary Prepositions!


I wanted to give you all a little snippet of part of our day. Read/Write time can and does include many different types of activities - from practicing our spelling words, listening to other children read and giving positive feedback, writing in our journals, illustrating and perhaps memorizing poems, etc. Today, our RW time looked like this:

I first drew a picture of a house on the blackboard, and had each child copy it as closely as they could on their papers. Then I gave instructions like, "Draw something above the house", and "Now draw something against the house".

Each time I gave an instruction, I wrote the preposition on the board. We ended up with a number of them - above, behind, near, above, against, inside, under, on.

We talked about how the word "position" is hidden in the word preposition, and that these parts of speech help tell where something is located.

Next, each child got a clean sheet of paper and were instructed to draw another house, but this time it had to be bone-chillingly and horrible SCARY. A Spooky Halloween house! Then they needed to write a sentence or two using a preposition.

I think they came out very nice - and every single child LOVED this assignment. They were inspired to make their houses as creepy as possible, and they all have a better understanding of the preposition as a part of speech.


Odie Langley said...

Susan I love that project and it really is a great way to teach perpositions. The art was great and I am sure they had a great time being creative.

Mark said...

I agree. Good work on teaching prepositions, Susan... Now I just wish that I could identify Clementine's house.

Mark said...

OK, it says "bat," but it looks more like the Flying Spaghetti Monster... What have you been teaching them, Susan? : )

Susan said...

It's all that Pastafari music I play ...