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Friday, October 1, 2010

Preparing for the Big Event - Curious Epicures

As you know, Curious Epicures is scheduled for October 10th. Each classroom is working on their individual projects to make the event as special as possible. Elaine's class of kindergarten children is constructing a renaissance castle made from recycled materials, Renata's class is making coats of arms and are practicing some dances of the time period. Our renaissance herb garden is growing nicely, and will be used in the food preparation.

Today, however, we did something as a whole school. It is so special when opportunities arise where we can mix the groups up - older children helping younger children and everyone feeling like part of an extended family. For over an hour this afternoon, we designed mixed aged groups to make lots and lots of flowers. We read where banquet tables during renaissance feasts were often adorned with flowers swathed down the center. Our flowers may not add a wonderful scent, but it will be visually beautiful.

Renata also taught us about the language of flowers - where each flowers meant special significance. Whole conversations during that time could be spoken by the giving and receiving of certain flowers. Some of the flower makers made flowers which meant "the greatest love" and other lofty thoughts appropriate to the occasion.

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