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Friday, September 10, 2010

Science Friday

This morning was our first Science Friday.

Children are natural scientists - they have already been busy at recess collecting different berries to make ink, observing and showing concern about baby birds that were found outside of their nest, and examining the fascinating underworld of rocks. Today, we expanded that knowledge and curiosity by sorting, examining with magnifying glasses, identifying, and opening many different types of seeds.

Here is what the children told me to tell you:

"We discovered hazelnuts, acorns, maple seeds, linden seeds, avocado pits, black walnuts, chestnuts, whirlygigs (elm seeds), apple seeds, peach pits. Pits can be seeds! We smashed a lot of black walnuts. It was really fun. When we cracked them open, they smelled HORRIBLE!"

After clean up, we read a great book, called Who Will Plant a Tree. It amazed the children how many different ways seeds get planted! We then started talking about the tree WE are going to plant. I will be looking for the perfect little specimen and then get permission to plant it. Maybe, years from now, your grown up child will be able to pass by our wonderful little school and say, "Hey! That's OUR tree!"


Odie Langley said...

Our world is so full of amazing things to investigate and learn from. I can feel their excitement and hope it grows in them so they gain a real respect for nature and all that it involves. Great work, keep on keeping on.

Scriptor said...

What a beautiful career..:)

Mark said...

This was a great class, Susan. Thank you. Clementine and I loved doing the homework, looking at the seeds we'd collected, and speculating as to why their designs were different. Very fun.