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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Memoir by Noah

As summer vacation looms, parents sometimes wonder how to encourage writing through the long summer months. Keeping a summer journal or diary is one such way, maybe to accompany photographs that your child has taken. Writing letters is often fun for children. Teachers, in particular, LOVE to get a letter and I promise to write back promptly! Have you child plan a meal - looking through recipes and writing the grocery list is a real life way to get some reading and writing in.

This piece is perfect for summer - what better time to write and read about wonderful summertime activities - water gun fights and riding bikes! Noah did a nice job on his workshop piece, and used a variety of punctuation that made it interesting to read - quotation marks, exclamation points, ellipses, colons, and parentheses!

The Time I Learned How To Ride a Bike

Last year I rode a two wheel bike and I went so fast that I couldn't control the brakes! I hit a pole and I almost broke my rib cage: And I never rode my bike 'til 2010. Then my uncle, Joe, invited me to his house to learn how to ride a bike. I had to wait a little bit 'cause Joe had to find some special training wheels to put on my bike.

Meanwhile ... me and my cousins and some of my cousin's friends (Carson and Zack are my cousins and Conner, Gabriel and Ian, they're my cousin's friends) were having a water gun fight. I said, "Let's play Ben 10". "Ya!", said Carson. Just then my bike was fixed! I took me a couple of minutes for me to get the hang of it. It was fun! Next week, we had a BIG bike ride! I lost :-( I don't care!

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