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Friday, April 16, 2010

Water Cycle Science/Terrarium Building

Today's science project was quite simple, but nicely illustrates some concepts we've been learning. Each child built a terrarium, using gravel, charcoal, soil and plants. We also gave our soil a bit of water to start. The environment inside our terrariums created a sort of greenhouse effect, and now the plants will need very little watering.

We started by reviewing the word "transpiration", which is the process where plants transfer water to the atmosphere in the form of water vapor. As the days pass, we will notice that inside each terrarium water will evaporate from the soil, condense on the lid, precipitate down onto the plants and collect in the soil. This cycle will repeat over and over again!

We will be making close observations and collecting data about our terrariums. At the end of a few weeks time, each child is welcome to take their little garden home to enjoy!

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