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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Clean-Up/Math

This morning, we donned plastic gloves and headed outside for a very revealing math time. We spent about 20 minutes cleaning up all the garbage we found on the sidewalk and curb area right in front of our school. You would not BELIEVE the amount of trash we collected!

After we returned, we sorted the trash into different categories. Children worked together to organize plastic bottles, plastic pieces, paper, styrofoam, paper, metal, glass bottles and material (including a couple of gloves, a few socks and even (gross) a pair of underwear!). Making tally marks to make counting easier, we discovered that plastic was by far the most commonly found material. In fact, there were 141 pieces of plastic counted. Seems unbelievable if you saw the small area that was canvassed.

Our Earth Warriors did a fantastic job this morning!

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