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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Memoir(s) by Atty

Atty has lots of ideas. In fact, that is often one of the first things friends realize about him. He can talk about a variety of subjects, and is always up for playing new invented games.

When it was time for Atty to write his memoir, he brainstormed many different memories. He ended up with three different pieces, but together they tell the story of an active adventurer, a good friend, and an unique thinker. Please enjoy!

When me, John and William trashed up my playroom we literally were throwing each other towards the wall at full force but luckily we ended up on the mattress. We tired ourselves out at full strength so we went downstairs to eat snack. Then we wrestled like nuts and then John and William’s dad Stuart came and wrestled with Jody. Jody won. Jody is my dad. He is very unstrict about the rules but the whole thing was fun anyways.

When my seventh birthday started the first two people to come John and William because they lived across the street. Number 2 – Drew. Number 3 – Rawleto. Number 4 – Meilin. Then Stephen and Jonah. Then everyone was here. The first thing we did was a scavenger hunt. I discovered that I was the fastest person in my birthday. Then everyone went on my play set and ate bagels with cream cheese. Then we did whatever we wanted. Then we had the cake.

When I got my first 32 dollars I was really happy until my mom told me that I couldn’t use it. Then next month I had 64 dollars. I was told I could only use 50% of it . Then I didn’t spend any of it. Next month I had 96 dollars. I spent 39 dollars on a Mosasaur jaw fossil and 5 ounces of gold leaf. And I had 61 dollars left and still do today. Next month I will have 94.00 dollars.

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