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Friday, February 19, 2010

Special Agent Melanie Visits

Today, Trent's Aunt Melanie came to visit us. It was GREAT. Here are some of the things the kids told me after her visit (these are direct quotes):

Five of us got to touch money with dye on them. We went into the bathroom with Melanie and she had a light. We put our hands under the light, and we could see orange stuff.

The money had dye packed inside it. It felt like money and looked like money but it was fake. We went into the bathroom because it was dark. And the device had ultraviolet light and a number of orange-red dots would appear on our hands and fingers. We lined up by the bathroom door and the 5 people who had touched the money were found guilty.

We got to see a camera with batteries. We looked through the camera and saw one of the batteries that was blinking slow and blinking fast. This was the thing they use from an airplane or helicopter to see robbers if they are escaping.

The bulletproof vest was very, very heavy. Trent tried it on.

We saw a live FBI gun and she told us she was not going to hurt us with it. Never play with guns!

FBI agents needs skills like writing, reading, communicating good, machinery skills, and you can never give up!

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