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Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Happened

It finally happened. The time I've been waiting for. This week, it seems that our little classroom family has become just that - a family. (I have been humming "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge all day, in fact.)

Here are just a couple of examples of what I've been seeing:

- At snack time, all the children crowd around ONE table, even if there is space at other tables. Imagine 11 children elbow to elbow at a table that should serve 6 or 8, tops. This happens all the time now.

- During math station day, I usually pick a child who then gets to choose his/her partner. This week, each child picked someone I wasn't expecting. Boys picked girls, 3rd graders picked 2nd graders. Everyone seemed so happy with their choice, and absolutely no squabbles were heard when playing games.

- And finally, here is a photo of something that just spontaneously happened yesterday. One child was giving another a "massage" by using light chopping motions with his hands. Another child decided to give the chopping child a similar massage. Then another joined...and so on. Finally, I was witnessing a long snaky line of children shuffling along, all going "oooooh".

There are other examples, too. Of course, like any family we can get testy with each other. But overall? We have a very, very sweet and (sometimes) silly group of children who love each other and respect each other's differences. Sing with me! We are Fam-i-ly!

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