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Saturday, November 21, 2009

December's Theme - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born just a little over 300 years ago. The changes in our daily lives from that time to this are amazing. Franklin held many jobs in his lifetime – he was a printer, a scientist, an inventor, a musician, an environmentalist and a politician. His contributions include Poor Richard’s Almanack, the first political cartoon, the Franklin Stove, bifocals and so much more.

Given such credentials, it is a bit mind boggling to think that we have just a few weeks to discover more about this man and the times he lived in. It is tempting to concentrate on just one aspect, for instance, expanding our current theme of electricity to include Franklin’s contributions. However, I think it will interest more children if we delve into many different areas – some students will be most interested in his inventions, and will enjoy experiencing our own version of a printing press. Others may be most intrigued by learning about his political career, given that he was one of the drafters of The Declaration of Independence. Still others may love to learn that Franklin created the Magic Square in mathematics and will be challenged to create their own magic squares.

As ideas swirl around my brain, the plan for the month will become clearer. I’ve ordered lots of books, books on CD, and a DVD from the library. I’m reading lesson plan ideas on the web and in books. Hands-on activities present themselves to me in myriad ways, and you can be sure I will incorporate those whenever possible. And – most importantly - I want to ready myself to follow where the children want to lead.

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