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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Week's Blogger - Selden

In art we made rain sticks.

How they work:
Objects, not too big or small, hit nails in a cardboard tube.

How to make:

1. Paint and decorate a cardboard tube
2. Hammer in nails with hammer. Make sure there aren’t too few.
3. Seal it halfway
4. Add 3 cups of medium weight objects
5. Seal all the way

(Turn upside down to use)


Joanna said...

Selden, I've seen the rainsticks in the art room and they look very interesting. I can't wait to hear them in action at the Reflections Night concert. You've all put a lot of work into them and I am proud of you.


detroitnochikaku said...

I can't wait to see your rainstick! Good job writing a blog! Hiromi

Emilie Lin said...

I wish I could be there at the Reflections Night. My studio recital is on Saturday afternoon and I could not move my piano students that night to a different night, so I have to teach during your concert. I look forward to the "Afterglow" back at school though.

I thought your directions for making the rainsticks quite clear and logical. It's amazing that you are only a 2nd grader!

Ms. Emilie (Peter's Mom)

JT+ said...

Selden, I think that blogging about the rainsticks was a great idea!

The rainsticks should impress our parents at you-know-what when you-know-which-song happens.