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Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Month's Theme - Light and Sound

Our final theme of the 08/09 school year is Light and Sound. This week, we will focus on light and shadow. On Tuesday, I am planning on reading a Chinese shadow play called The Rooster’s Horns, and then we will try our hands at making jointed shadow puppets. I will be pleased to have Peter's grandparents (visiting from the Boston area) here as our special helpers!

On Friday, May 8, Elaine’s and my class will be going to the Hands On Museum here in Ann Arbor. While we are there, we will participate in a science lab called “Bright Idea”. Students will explore light and optics as we learn how light travels, where shadows come from and what color light really is using flashlights, lenses, special glasses and more. Thank you to Kjirsten Blander for coming along with us!

Please remember to pack a lunch for your child on Friday. The field trip consists of museum exploration, the science lab, and lunch at the museum’s dining room.

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