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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Week's Bloggers - Peter and Alec!


By Peter McConville (and Alec Bayoneto)

Lego 101 has been destroyed! Which is the tower in Mrs. Carpenter’s classroom. Mike and his dad started the first floor and me, Alec, Max, and Justin worked on the rest then we became the main builders / owners. It was a very tall Lego tower and we worked very hard on it. We changed the top a bit, then when we had to move the tower so the animals from the Rainforest would have enough space. Then when we moved it back the top floor completely broke off and shattered! After that we did not have to move it again until it was time for the Brickbash. It remained in one piece until Joanna carried it out of the Brickbash on Saturday. All we know about how it got broke is that someone took most of our DO NOT TOUCH signs. Also at the Brick Bash people were touching and shaking it. So when Joanna carried it out, it broke and shattered!


Joanna said...

Dear Peter and Alec,

I'm sorry your tower broke - but I do want to set the record straight! I took off the 'do not touch' signs at Brick Bash, because they were spoiling the look of your beautiful tower. I didn't see anyone touch it, though. People were very impressed by it; I saw several people having their photo taken next to it, they liked it so much!

So when the tower broke, it was because I was carrying it, not because of any disrespect shown at Brick Bash. (I tried to be careful - sometimes these things just happen.)

Maybe you will use your skills to build something else now? Nothing LEGO lasts forever, every breakage is an opportunity for new projects... bigger... taller... even more amazing! What can you come up with?

Emilie Lin said...

Dear Peter and Alec,

It seems like Lego 101 is such an important creation to you. It must have been disappointing and perhaps even painful to have the tower broke. Good thing there is a picture of it, and perhaps several more floating around somewhere. The photos will certainly be a wonderful keepsake.

I'm sure when you are ready, you guys will make more dazzling creations either with legos or other materials.

Mom/Ms. Emilie

JT+ said...

Alec and Peter, I think that Joanna really meant sorry to the collapse to Lego 101. Still, I really don't think that the "Do not touch" sign made any difference to the looks of Lego 101. What's the matter about the "Do not touch" signs in a photo?