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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EBs Started Today!

This exciting round of extension blocks started today, and will take place each Wednesday morning from now until Spring Break. It seemed like all of the children were definitely engaged in what they were doing, and were excited to work with different groups of people. Here are a few photos from the morning:

Melissa Bruzzano is teaching the children about native foods from North America. It is a great combination of history and food lore. Today, we looked at maps, learned a bit about Christopher Columbus, and smelled and tasted foods like cocoa, 3 sisters stew and 3 sisters soup, and bread.

Steve and Sunny Chapel are shown teaching enthusiastic computer students LOGO programming. These children were particularly excited to start, and love any opportunity to use a computer.

Joanna has a very small but eager group of young Shakespearean actors. They read parts of a play and discussed roles.

Will is teaching students about real and imagined naval battles. Today they made lots of different models of ships out of paper and tried to make them go across the table using just wind power.

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