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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Readers Update

Wednesday is a special day for us, and I really look forward to it. As you know, two children come prepared to share a favorite picture book with their classmates. The readers get a chance to feel important, as all eyes and ears are on them. They also get valuable practice in reading with expression and appropriate volume. The audience gets an opportunity to use what they've learned about being excellent audience members - listening with their ears, eyes, and (most important of all), hearts.

Today, Parker and Stanley had their turns. Both did an excellent job. Parker read The Friendship Gameand Stanley read Teachers of the Black Lagoon.Both choices had a good mix of humor and good illustrations.

Here is the calendar for the next couple months:

January 21 - Justin and Alec
January 28 - Beatrix and Max
February 4 - Peter and Erin
February 11 - Selden and Lea
February 18 - Lukas and Parker
March 4 - Stanley and Justin

1 comment:

sunny.chapel said...

Hi Susan,

Stanley said you are very different from the teacher from black lagoon. :-)

Thanks for the wonderful picture. The three boys look cute.