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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you Stanley and family!

Stanley's Aunt and Uncle are visiting, and offered to come and share some Korean myths, traditions and folk games with us today. It was wonderful! We saw some gorgeous traditional and current costumes.

First, we learned the creation myth on how Korea came to be, and how the first human King of Korea was chosen, which fit in so well with our current monthly theme! The children loved the story of a bear and a tiger being challenged by a heavenly prince to live in a dark cave with nothing to do and nothing but garlic to eat. Whoever endured would become human and would rule Korea. I will let your children tell you the rest.

We also learned about and participated in some folk games, and learned the proper way to greet an elder. The children learned that there are two ways to tell your age - this was great news for them, less so for their old teacher.

Many thanks to Stanley's lovely family.

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