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Friday, November 21, 2008

Today, we read aloud and discussed Simon’s Hook, one of several books I recently purchased to help with issues of teasing and hurt feelings. It is about a woman named Grandma Rose, who teaches a boy named Simon how to effectively deal with other children’s “baits” through five specific techniques:

• ignoring the comment (giving little or no reaction)
• distracting (changing the subject)
• agreeing
• laughing with the teaser and making a joke
• removing oneself (swim to a different part of the sea!)

Giving him options Grandma Rose enabled Simon to defend himself, yet not succumb to meanness himself. It is an excellent book, and very well done—for all ages, not just elementary aged children. If you have an extremely sensitive child who can be easily hooked – I recommend this book for your library at home.

The children totally “got it”. I heard a couple of times, “Oh, you’re trying to hook me! Good try!” In the afternoon, I wrote a bunch of teasing comments on strips of paper put them in a hat. Partners picked a comment out of the hat, then one child acted out saying the teasing comment and the other person used one (or more) of the techniques to effectively deal with the teasing. We did a total of 24 hooks, and the kids did great. Each child really wants to become a “free fish”!

Ask your child about Simon’s Hook!

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