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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Walk with Faye

Friday was a beautiful spring day - and what better way to spend it than with our buddy Faye Stoner, a naturalist from Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation! I had contacted Faye several days before our walk and requested that she spend a little time emphasizing soil, since that will be our final monthly theme this year. She was able to do that beautifully, and had prepared some special activities for us.

One of the things we did was to brush away the leaf "litter" and look at the forest floor. Each person was given a cup and asked to collect as many living things as possible. We found many, including roly poly bugs, slugs (ew), spiders, beetles, ants, and millipedes. We also examined different types of soil and discussed what best grows in each type.

I'm planning several more informal trips to County Farm Park this spring. I've promised the kids we would go back this coming week sometime to look for skulls. Fun!

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