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Friday, February 1, 2008

Simple Machines - Our Theme for February

Quick! Can you name the 6 simple machines? By the end of February, your student will be able to identify each one, as well as demonstrating their knowledge by drawing, demonstrating and creating a complex machine in our Invention Convention! We will learn about the LEVER, PULLEY and INCLINED PLANE, as well as modifications of these, the WHEEL and AXLE, WEDGE, and SCREW. This unit is a continuation in many ways of our Force and Motion theme, and my goal is to deepen the understanding of the many scientific concepts presented then.

Dave Alber, Mike’s father, has volunteered to come in to demonstrate all the simple machines found in a bicycle. Thank you, Dave!

Please stay tuned for information about the Invention Convention. This will be the major homework assigned for the month, and it will be a school-wide event. The teachers and staff are currently working out the dates and details, and you will be informed shortly.

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