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Sunday, February 17, 2008

LEGO Engineering at S-K on Thursday, 2/21

Great News! Thanks to an anonymous funder, S-K students will take part in a LEGO Engineering on-site field trip this Thursday!

According to the promotional material we received:

Students build a motorized race car from scratch using advanced LEGO parts and pieces from LEGO kits, not available in stores. Students work in small groups of 2 students per team and follow detailed instructions designed by a LEGO Engineer. Students work as a team to build the race car and add an electric motor to race them. This class is intended for Early and Upper Elementary students (K-8). This class harnesses the motivational effects of LEGOs to teach math & science (simple machines, forces in motion, gear ratios), learning mechanical vocabulary, 3 dimensional shapes, comparing and contrasting objects, extending patterns, and listening and following directions. All of this in only 1 hour and 15 minutes per class, recommended for optimal learning.

This should be a lot of fun!

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