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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Roald Dahl Day a Huge Success!

Today we enjoyed all that Dahl Day had to offer - we did our book presentations in the morning, and I saw some amazing projects, including a James and the Giant Peach tee shirt art, comic book strips, book covers, posters, a decorated blanket, and lots of edible treats. For morning snack we had the chocolate cake that poor Bruce Bogtrotter was forced to eat in Matilda, and we also had a darling decorated Magic Finger cake.

We also put on our Witches skit for Elaine's class of K/1s. It was a wonderful treat for us to share our hard work and our audience was awed and very appreciative. Many thanks to Elaine for loaning us her entire collection of wigs. I'm not sure why she HAS 20 or so wigs at her house, but I'm a little scared to ask.

This afternoon was filled with cooking. We made Fudgemallow Delight Sundaes and a Devil's Drenchers (a fruit slushie, but spookier). All in all, the kids have had a wonderful day, and have eaten a year's supply of sugar in one day!

Thanks to everyone who made our special day so great.

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