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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where Peace Lives

Yesterday I started a new chapter book called Where Peace Lives, by Debbie Robbins. Kris Horton recommended it and brought it in for our new read-aloud. It is a WONDERFUL book, and I'm so grateful for the loan.

A recent review said:

Children who understand and desire peace are our hope for peace in the future. "Where Peace Lives" by Debbie Robins draws on the universal teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., Siddhartha Gautama (founder of Buddhism,) Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Moses and Muhammad the Prophet. The story describes a magical journey to free the imprisoned angel named Peace. During the course of the mission, the "keys" to liberating Peace are discovered to be acceptance, love and forgiveness.

As I read it to the children (who are totally engrossed, by the way), it struck me that this represents the perfect holiday gift to give to your children, or to anyone you care about. It is available on Amazon, and I'm sure some local bookstores carry it as well.

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