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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Community Service/It's Easy to be Green

This year, more than previous years, we will have renewed focus on community service and ecological awareness. As a school, we are currently imagining ways to cut down on waste, increase recycling, use earth friendly cleaning products, etc. We are also looking into becoming stewards for County Farm Park and doing other service projects. Two programs I really like are Read to Feed (we will do this in October) and Roots and Shoots.

Read to Feed is pretty much like it sounds - children read books at home for a month to earn money for Heifer Foundation. Family members (and teacher!) can pledge money for each book the child reads. Students love this project, and really do become better readers! Once the pledges are in, we "buy" an animal to donate for a needy family. More information about this will come home at the end of September.

Another project I'd like to do is purchase reusable grocery bags from Roots and Shoots. Right now, I'm thinking that the children will tye-dye them and we will then sell them at December's Parent Coffee Hour. Great holiday gifts!

Please click on the links on the left in order to read more about these organizations. Do you have ideas for community service? Let me know!

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